ICU Totes Bags

About the Program

The Tote Bag Program is available to all Trauma hospitals in Wisconsin. 

The intent of the program is to provide vital information when a family enters the ICU due to a loved one sustaining a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.

The Tote Bag itself is lightweight and durable and is large enough to carry extra items. Inside you will also find a prayer shawl.

Why a Prayer Shawl (or a lap blanket)?

Because it is made with kindness with every stitch

Prayer shawls are blessings of community, kindness, comfort, and compassion, stitched with prayer and gifted to those who are struggling with illness, pain, anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, or grief – a gift to maker and receiver.

The Purple Folder

Our organization is here to help as the individual begins the journey of recovery after release from the Hospital or Rehabilitation Facility

  • Our Resource Facilitation Form is required to be eligible for some of our more specialized programs and services
  • The Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury Verification Statement provides the survivor access to the following:
    • Specialized Social and Skills Programs and Events
    • Issuance of the Brain Injury Identification Wallet Card
    • Invitation Only Private Events
  • Donation Envelope that  helps to defer the cost of the Tote Bag (no obligation to donate is required) – We are an all-volunteer organization and funds are used to support the BIRCofWI and its’ programs and services
  • Journal and Pen to record your thoughts, appointments, and notes.
  • Sunday – Saturday Post-it Note Pad to have a visual reminder of the treatment regimen and other important reminders
  • Tip Cards (*Request Specific):
*Adults Living with Brain Injury
Caregiving After Brain Injury
*Talking with Families
Life after Brain Injury  
*Helping Brothers and Sisters
Caregiving after Brain Injury
*Talking with Families
Life after Brain Injury
Myths and Facts (when your child has a brain injury)

NOTE: We have a range of topic Tip Cards and other information that will be given once the survivor has the Resource Facilitation Form and the Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury Verification Form completed and submitted to our Resource Facilitation Team

If your hospital does not yet have tote bags waiting for the next family who enters the ICU due to a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, have them contact us to become part of this valuable program.”

Hospital Request for Participation in the ICU Tote Bag Program

To participate in the Tote Bag Program, the requester must complete the Tote Bag Program Participation Form.

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