Bethany Rieth Memorial Garden and Memorial Wall


This page is dedicated to the memory of Bethany L. Rieth, 24, Born September 6, 1991) Oconto Falls, died Saturday morning, February 6, 2016 as the result of a skiing accident. 

Donations of time, talent, money, and garden items are needed to maintain and nurture this special garden space.

Monetary donations help replace flower bed items, buy needed supplies, and ensure the beauty of the garden.

Memorial Garden Dedication Day message from Gary Rieth (TBI Survivor and Brother of Bethany Rieth)

On behalf of my family, the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, and my wife and I, we would like to thank you all for coming today.

This ceremony is to dedicate this garden in honor and in memory of my sister Bethany Lynn Rieth who was involved in a fatal skiing accident.

Bethany was always very supportive of me in everything I did.

With that being said, in 2007 I sustained a traumatic brain injury, which gave her the idea to pursue a career in nursing.

She was always a very compassionate and caring person, which would have made for an excellent nurse.

Live, Laugh and Love are the words my sister chose to live her life by and it is my hope as well as the volunteers and staff at the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin that this memorial garden is a place where you can do some reflecting, think a little deeper, laugh about good memories and be close with others.

In closing, welcome to the Bethany Rieth Memorial Garden