Resource Facilitation

Resource Facilitation is available to all residents of Wisconsin who sustain a traumatic and/or acquired brain injury. 

Resource facilitation is a partnership that helps individuals and communities choose, get and keep the information, services, and supports to make informed choices and meet their goals. The collaborative process involves participants (individuals with brain injury and their personal support systems) working in partnership with facilitators (individuals who provide assistance in navigating systems) to achieve agreed-upon goals.

The development of our Resource Facilitation Program was a four-step process involving (1) establishing the need; (2) identifying possible funding sources; (3) building community-based partnerships; and (4) taking action.

Resource facilitation got its start in brain injury in 1984 when the Missouri Department of Health dedicated two service coordinators to its Head Injury Program (MO Department of Health, p. ii). Since our program was established in 2011, the facilitation process has included assessment, planning, identification, negotiation, monitoring, reassessment, outreach, education and training, emotional support, and advocacy. The basic principles of our Resource Facilitation Program ensure: 

              > Facilitation is individualized
              > Facilitation is accessible
              > Facilitation is holistic
              > Facilitation is effective and valued
              > Facilitation is participant-driven
              > Facilitation is creative and flexible
              > Facilitation builds community partnerships

Our Resource Facilitators are skilled in verbal and written communication, listening, problem-solving negotiation, advocacy, planning, and organization. They are individuals who can work independently, who like to teach others, who have the ability to synthesize facts from multiple sources, and who can provide emotional support in situations where there is no readily apparent solution.

It provides ongoing support to assist you in coping with living with a brain injury. 

Includes the Brain Injury Wallet Card!

How does it work for individuals?

If you decide to participate, you are welcome to call us at any time and leave a message for a callback (262) 770-4882, send an email, or download and complete the Resource Facilitation Form  

A Resource Facilitation Specialist from the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc™. (BIRCofWI™) will contact you to begin the process of helping you to locate information and resources.  

Note: This service does not replace any legal, medical, or rehabilitation follow-up.