Returning Home after Brain Injury

Customarily, individuals go directly from the Hospital to a Rehabilitation Facility. There are also times when an individual returns to their home. This section provides information on what returning home after a brain injury entails.

Our decision was solely our own. Bari was about to be discharged from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin when we were asked to choose a Rehabilitation Facility for her. While there are many fine facilities in Wisconsin, my husband and I brought her home instead. Of course, it was against the norm to take this direction, and it was one that we did not take lightly. This section is intended to provide information and resources for when your family member returns home. Keep in mind that while not all families and individuals are willing and/or able (for many reasons) to make this choice, those who are will need to make many sacrifices and will experience firsthand the process of recovery. Brain Injury is truly a marathon and not a sprint and this direction will test you to the limits.

Here are some guides that are available to also help you as you embark on this journey of recovery.

Brain Injury Association of American – What to expect at home – Adults

Flint Rehab – What to Expect After Brain Injury: Understanding the Aftermath and Recovery Process

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