Unmasking Brain Injury Project

A partnership between the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin and Hinds Feet Farm

Our current traveling display. Help us with this Education and Awareness Initiative. We will set up this display and provide information about life after brain injury. Your clients, employees, and staff are welcome to request a Mask Kit to create their own masks and let their voices be heard.

Where it all began…

When Marty Foil, Executive Director of Hinds’ Feet Farm, received his February 2015 edition of his National Geographic subscription, a light bulb went off in his head. In that edition, there was an article (from the National Intrepid Center of Excellence) describing an art project geared toward soldiers who had sustained a traumatic brain injury.   The masks produced were vibrant and healing works of art.

The goal of the Unmasking Brain Injury Project is community awareness and education.  

This occurs when the masks are displayed in the community for the public to see.

Click here to view the entire State of Wisconsin Display!