The Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, culminating in a wealth of business experience.  The Board of Directors ensures operations are aligned with our mission statement and meeting the needs of our community.   The Board of Directors provides financial, in-kind and volunteer support, as well as development support in fundraising, sponsorships and grants.  

The board meets twice per year. Each board member serves a term of three years, with no set term limit.

Lois York-Lewis                    Co-Founder, Executive Director, President of the Board, Treasurer

Bari L. Rieth                            Co-Founder, Public Relations and Mktg Specialist, Board Secretary,  BI-INSIDE Team Leader

Katie Marshall                      Resource Facilitation Assistant

Scott Dahl                                Resource Facilitation Assistant

​Johnny Kin                               Facilities and Maintenance

Adam Lay                                  Facilities and Maintenance

Gary Rieth                                Event Assistant

Drew Lewis                             Event Assistant

Dr. Nathan Glassman        Board Member,  Glassman Neuropsychology Associates​​

Linda Scherwinski               Board Member,  Administration at Craft Masonry

Teri Quam                                Board Member

Sandy Rieth                             BI-INSIDE Editor

Gloria Blaser                           BI-INSIDE Editor

Elaine Lovett                           BI-INSIDE Writer

Steve Maday                           BI-INSIDE Photographer

​Denise Meagher                   BI-INSIDE Writer, Art Insructor Assistant

Micki Scherwinski               BI-INSIDE Writer

​Michael Strand                      BI-INSIDE Writer

Dawn Pekel                              BIRCofWI Art Instructor



Our organization is always looking for individuals who are fervent about brain injury, knowledgeable about the struggles survivors face, and motivated to help our organization move forward both financially and in terms of growth.    ​If this sounds like you, then download, complete, and return your application today.   You may be just whom we have been looking for to add to our awesome group!