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In Memory Of

Donations made “In Memory of” will be added to our Memory Plaque
located on the wall of the Bethany Rieth Memorial Garden
(Garden is at our Waukesha location)

Foster, Donna

Gebert, Elliott

​Kasprzak, Loraine

​Koehler, Loie (Lois Ann)

​Kozak, Margaret (Peggy)

​Malueg, Mark

Rieth, Bethany *

​Robinson, Derek *

In Honor of

Castellion, Kyle

​Dudzik, Mark

Erickson, Renee'

​Franke, Rick

Fromader, Tony

​Koenig, Robert

Kraemer, Noelle

​Lee, Grace

Marshall, Katie

Rieth, Bari *

Rieth, Gary *

Scherwinski,  Micki

Schmitt, Mark *