Volume 8, Issue 1 includes:

Special Interest Articles
Slow Down!
 Appreciating the Simple Things

 A Simple Conversation (USA and Australia)
 How you can help

 Journaling: It's all about you!
 Common Problems After Focal Brain Injury

 Tough Love

Individual Highlights
Directing Your Choice Dollars 
BIRC Bulletin Team

Coinbox Donation Locations

Brain Injury Identification Wallet Card

Heads Up Concussion
Telling of the Tale: A Survivors Story: Kyle Castellion

BIRC Bulletin

Volume 7, Issue 1 includes the following topics:

  • BIRCofWI in the community
  • Resource Facilitation: Giving our Adult Children with TBI a “Loving Push”
  • ​Maybe it’s not just a “Bump to Your Head”
  • ​Thank You to our Donors and Supporters
  • ​​Sharing Stories in the Cozy Corner: Bari L. Rieth And Life Goes On…

Volume 7, Issue 2 includes the following topics:

  • BIRCofWI in the community
  • Resource Facilitation: Planning a Vacation
  • ​Former NFL "Enforcer" Lives with Multiple Concussions Aftermath
  • ​Au Revoir!
  • ​​Sharing Stories in the Cozy Corner: Brittany Zebrasky, Mystery Diagnosis
  • ​And Life Goes On...

2018 Issues

Volume 7, Issue 3 includes the following topics:

  • Message from the Executive Director
  • In the Community 
  • Resource Facilitation 
  • Left Neglected: A Review 
  • Donation and Thank You! 
  • And Life Goes On 
  • Coin Box Donation Stations
  • Survivor Story: Casting Call
  • Thank you!

Beginning 2018, we are excited to announce the name of our publication is being changed to "BIRC Bulletin" and will be published semi-annually (March and September) to bring even more informational, educational, and interesting articles, features, and stories.

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Note: The BIRCofWi Bulletin has been in publication since 2011.     The Volume number indicates the year of publication (Volume 7 (2017)  

2017 Issues

Volume 8, Issue 2 includes:

Special Interest Articles
Sibling Torment

Happy Holidays!!

What is Alexithymia?

​A Mind at Peace

Extreme Trip

What TBI Means

Rejoice in Hope

​Reading Strategies

After a TBI

Telling of a Tale: Derek Robinson

Don't Judge a Book by its' cover: Ashlyn Stricker

Individual Highlights
 Where do CBISTs work?
​Garrett Rieth shows us why helmets worn starting early can help avoid concussions later!

 Coinbox Donation Locations - JoJos Diner and George Webb


Volume 7, Issue 4 includes the following topics:

  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Life Enrichment Classes - Registration Form (Mark Schmitts Creativ/Edge Studio)
  • Article: Can smartphones be used to help brain injury survivors?
  • Insight Article: Do Dogs Have Migraines?
  • And life goes on
  • Cards for a Cause Fundraiser 
  • Casting Call!
  • Thrivent Financial Direct Choice Dollars