Sample topic(s) of interest:                    Survivor                     Family Member/Loved One                     Medical                                                            

                                                               Prevention                         Depression/Coping skills                     Care Giving              Rehab/Therapy                                                                                                                                     Advocacy                        Motivational Speaker                               Education/Awareness                                                                              Legal                    Funding                         Support Services                                   Spiritual                                             Vocational                         What's Your Topic?


While not all speaking engagements will incur a fee, a donation in these situations is greatly appreciated!   Email your request today!

Our Speakers Bureau is comprised of brain injury survivors, family members, and individuals who have professional careers and/or experience with brain injury. These speakers provide information about brain injury through personal stories, raising awareness to overcome barriers by enlightening the community, educators and students, health care professionals, civic groups, law enforcement, and more.

‚ÄčAll successful programs have guiding principles

The guiding principles are at the heart of  the Speakers Bureau. The guiding principles provide the basis for excellent and effective awareness of brain injury and to the community.  

Guiding Principles:

Speakers are Valued Individuals:  Our speakers and their message are highly regarded and essential in making the world of brain injury known.

Speakers offer Uniqueness:  Every brain injury is different. Every recovery from brain injury is different. Every perspective is different. It is our differences that enrich the lives of others. Embracing diversity is the key for we live with adversity daily and wish to see positive change.

Speakers have Integrity:  Organizations call us for our experience and our expertise. We provide consistency in our actions, values, information, and character. The message we convey is of vital importance and requires honesty and trust.

Speakers are Effective: The stories and experiences of our speakers are compelling and inspirational to all who hear. They contribute positively to our communities.Speakers are Compassionate:  The desire to be understood and to help others understand encourages compassion and reveals itself in our presentations and the way we relate to others.