The Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin Inc.’s mission is to offer assistance and provide resources to people in Wisconsin who are living with the consequences of brain injury. This is accomplished through: Acting as an informal channel for distributing information and resources, Conducting ongoing educational opportunities, Facilitation of support groups, and Fostering prevention awareness.  Our intention is to assist in developing communication channels between families and professionals in a way that: Improves relationships and cooperation, Enhances team work, and Helps reduce the possibility for future conflicts through proper communication and education. 
Thank you for your interest and support of the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc. 
Interested in how you can get involved in the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc? Visit our Program and Services page.

Programs and Services

We offer fun events for brain injury survivors and their family members, Support Groups, a Pen Pal program, Spiritual Outreach, a Peer Mentor program, and more!
Donating Party: Donation Date: In Honor/Memory Of:
Brian and Stephanie Barenz 11/27/2014 In Honor of: Richard Barenz
Dr. Nathan Glassman 12/30/2014 In Memory Of: Frank Chan
Joseph and Catherine Quinn 2014-4th Quarter
Linda Fromader 12/01/2014 In Honor Of: Anthony Fromader
Lynnette and Dennis Gusta 12/01/2014 In Honor of: Bari York
Patty Duehl 12/01/2014

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month by proclamation and by tradition established by brain injury advocates everywhere. Have you ever been involved in a Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign?

Well, here is your personal invitation to join the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc. and advocates across Wisconsin and the USA to promote awareness and prevention of brain injury throughout the month of March.

Brain injury is a major public health concern, statistically ranked near the top of the list, in most age categories, for the number of people killed or disabled. Get behind this important cause, and push for change that saves lives, and preserves capacity.

Our 2015 Campaign Theme is “Brain Injury, I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you.”

What does that mean? It means that anyone can read a book, magazine, or newspaper, listen to a TV or radio broadcast, rent a DVD, or take in a movie about a story of brain injury. However, unless you know someone, care for someone, live with someone, or work with someone with a brain injury, you just cannot understand. The ability to understand the challenge and struggle comes from the heart and soul as well as the mind. So who is the Audience for this campaign? You guessed it – everyone! It all starts with YOU!

Brain Injury Awareness Month
Proclamation Presentation

Feb 12 at 11:00 am
Affinity Health Systems
1506 South Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915
Clearview Brain Injury Center
199 Home Road
Juneau, WI 53039
Feb 24 at 11:00 am
N.E.W Curative Rehabilitation
2900 Curry Lane
Green Bay, WI 54311
The Resource Facilitation Program is a free service available to all residents of Wisconsin who sustain a traumatic brain injury. It provides ongoing support to assist you in coping with living with a brain injury.

Resource facilitation is a partnership that helps individuals and communities choose, get and keep information, services and supports to make informed choices and meet their goals. The collaborative process involves participants (individuals with brain injury and their personal support systems) working in partnership with facilitators (individuals who provide assistance in navigating systems) to achieve agreed upon goals.

The development of our Resource Facilitation Program was a four-step process involving (1) establishing the need; (2) identifying possible funding sources; (3) building community-based partnerships; and (4) taking action.

Resource facilitation got its start in brain injury in 1984 when the Missouri Department of Health dedicated two service coordinators to its Head Injury Program (MO Department of Health, p. ii). Since our program was established in 2011, the facilitation process has included assessment, planning, identification, negotiation, monitoring, reassessment, outreach, education and training, emotional support and advocacy.

Basic principles of our Resource Facilitation Program ensures: • Facilitation is individualized • Facilitation is accessible • Facilitation is holistic • Facilitation is effective and valued • Facilitation is participant driven • Facilitation is creative and flexible • Facilitation builds community partnerships

Our Resource Facilitators are skilled in verbal and written communication, listening, problem solving, negotiation, advocacy, planning and organization, record keeping and multi-tasking. They are individuals who can work independently, who like to teach others, who have an ability to synthesize facts from multiple sources, and those who can provide emotional support in situations where there is no readily apparent solution.

How does it work for individuals?

  • If you decide to participate, a Resource Facilitation Specialist from the Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc. (BIRCofWI) will contact you to begin the process of helping you to locate information, resources, education, and what ever else you may need. You are welcome to call us at any time. This service does not replace any legal, medical, or rehabilitation follow-up.  
  • We can help: identify resources and services within your community answer questions and problem-solve issues educate family members, employers and educators about what it means to live with a brain injury 
  • What to do next: Complete the Authorization to Participate in Resource Facilitation Form as well as the Verification of Brain Injury Form. This form can be completed by the survivor or family member whom we will be assisting to locate Resources during their journey through their new life after brain injury.

How can my company or organization become part of the program??

  • We invite you to be a partner in this program by just completing the attached Resource Facilitation Program-Organization Participation Form and returning as soon as possible; it is just that easy
Our organization has taken our Resource Facilitation to the next level. We are proud to announce that we are members of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems. Your generous donations have helped to make this possible, but we still have a way to go, please consider making a donation today! (Every dollar helps)

We are here when you need us... 

  • Lois York-Lewis (Executive Director, President and Treasurer, Board Member)
  • Ms. Bari L. York (Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Recording Secretary Board Member, Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Kathy Richardson (Resource Facilitation, Vice-President, Board Member, Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Robert Erdmann (Retired Staff Minister, Spiritual Outreach Coordinator, Board Member)
  • Jennifer Berry (Friendship Network Facebook Group Page Coordinator, Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Dr. Nathan Glassman (Board Member)
  • Jacob Peloquin, OTR (Board Member,Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Attorney Victoria Davis (Board Member)
  • Linda Lay, B.S. (Social Program Coordinator, Counselor)
  • Greg Steinberg (Webmaster, Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Katie Marshall (Book Critic, Brain Injury Survivor)
  • Jamilyn Smolik (Intern-Psychology)
  • Eric Johnson (Librarian)

Phone (262) 770-4882 / Fax (262) 436-1747
email us at

Mailing address is P.O. Box 808, Muskego, WI 53150-0808

Conveniently located just off of Hwy 43 near the intersection of Hwy ES (National Avenue) and Hwy 164 in Waukesha County.  Come visit and shop in our Market Place (featuring items crafted by Brain Injury survivors living in Wisconsin). The Market Place is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm (cash and check is preferred).

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