Fur-Ever Friends Picnic

Sunday, July 19th, 2015
Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.
Brain Injury-I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you! TM

See you at Lake Keonsa State Park.
It is located at: 2405 Door Creek Road - [Boat Launch Picnic Area] - Stoughton, WI 53589
Call for directions: 608-873-9695
Event is rain or shine!
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Pre-Registration highly encouraged for Dog Contest and Competition participation
  • General Picnic Begins at 9:00 am (Boat Launch Picnic Area)
  • Dog Registration at 9:00 am - contests begin at 9:30 am
    Registration Packet (one per dog):
  1. Participation ribbon
  2. One raffle ticket (additional tickets can be purchased on site)
  3. Commemorative Dog Dry-off Towel
  • See the Resemblance Pets often look like their owners, is this you? Dress in matching outfits to find out
    What to bring: Dress up outfit
  • Doggone Good Trick Basic dog trick on command competition
  • My Dog Makes Me Do This All the Time Light-hearted competition based on tricks/antics the owner does to entice the dog to obey commands
  • Dogs Bobbin' for Dogs This competition is for hot dog loving dog!
  • A Spoonful of Water Walking with a spoonful of water from one end of the field to the other can be harder than you think with a dog in tow
  • Give Your Owner a Bath! Turnabout is fair play; Bath time with a unique twist
  • Go Get It! Classic fetch and retrieve competition
    What to bring: Dogs favorite fetch toy (not required)
  • Fly Me to the Moon! Frisbee catch - dog style
  • Bark-a-lot! Can you predict how many times your dog will bark on command
    What to Bring: Bring a toy only if that toy is needed to invoke a response
  • Best of Breed - Need we say more?
Parking Admission is $7.00 for cars with Wisconsin License Plates (parking not included)
Additional information available at the DNR Site
Note: Free-will donations accepted at registration booth. All proceeds further our mission as well as fund our various Programs and Services.

Food and Beverages served
Bring your swimsuit, towel, chair, sunscreen, hat, appetite, and cash for raffles

BIRCofWI wishes to thank the Employee Charitable Giving Program for their support of this SSP event.
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What Causes a Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury:

A traumatic brain injury is caused by a blow or other form of traumatic injury to the head. The degree of damage to the brain will most likely depend on a variety of factors such as the nature of the event and the force of impact.

Injury may include one or more of the following factors:
  • Damage to brain cells may be limited to the area directly below the point of impact on the skull. 
  • A severe blow or jolt can cause multiple points of damage because the brain may move back and forth in the skull. 
  • A severe rotational or spinning jolt can cause the tearing of cellular structures. 
  • A blast, as from an explosive device, can cause widespread damage. 
  • An object penetrating the skull can cause severe, irreparable damage to brain cells, blood vessels and protective tissues around the brain. 
  • Bleeding in or around the brain, swelling, and blood clots can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain and cause wider damage. 
Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury 

Common events causing traumatic brain injury include the following:
  • Falls. Falling out of bed, slipping in the bath, falling down steps, falling from ladders and related falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury overall, particularly in older adults and young children. 
  • Vehicle-related collisions. Collisions involving cars, motorcycles or bicycles — and pedestrians involved in such accidents — are a common cause of traumatic brain injury. 
  • Violence. Such as gunshot wounds, domestic violence or child abuse. 
  • Shaken baby syndrome is traumatic brain injury caused by the violent shaking of an infant that damages brain cells. 
  • Sports injuries. Traumatic brain injuries may be caused by injuries from a number of sports, including soccer, boxing, football, baseball, lacrosse, skateboarding, hockey, and other high-impact or extreme sports. 
  • Explosive blasts and other combat injuries. Explosive blasts are a common cause of traumatic brain injury in active-duty military personnel. Although the mechanism of damage isn't well understood, many researchers believe that the pressure wave passing through the brain significantly disrupts brain function. Traumatic brain injury also results from penetrating wounds, severe blows to the head with shrapnel or debris, and falls or bodily collisions with objects following a blast.

Acquired Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain that has occurred after birth and is not congenital or degenerative. The injury commonly results in a change in neuronal activity, which affects the physical integrity, the metabolic activity, or the functional ability of the cell. The term does not refer to brain injuries induced by birth trauma

Common Causes of Acquired Brain Injury

Common events causing acquired brain injury include the following:
  • Tumors 
  • Blood Clots 
  • Strokes 
  • Seizures 
  • Toxic Exposures 
  • Infections 
  • Metabolic Disorders 
  • Neurotoxic Poisoning 
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain

Listen to Brain Injury Radio!!

Brain Injury Resource Center Of Wisconsin (ID# 308196)
Drop Off Sites:
  • BIRCofWI Big Bend Office (enter off of Dreamcatcher Way)
  • Muskego Chamber of Commerce (S74W16894 Janesville Rd, Muskego, WI 53150)